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 Hand Etching Designs
Hand etching provides the unique opportunity for customers to create custom-built scenes that combine several different personal touches. There are several steps in the hand etching process to ensure that our customers' custom etchings are perfect down to the smallest detail: first, send us your photographs, meet with our artists to verbally explain your ideas, or choose one of our pre-built designs and add a few personal touches.  Our graphic designer will then create a digital rendering of your etching to establish a basic layout and placement of the etching on your monument. Once you have approved the digital design, you can request a full-scale pencil sketch by the same artist who will do the final etching.  This allows you to see the unique style of our artist, and to make any changes that may be difficult to show digitally. Our artists will then hand etch the final, approved design onto your monument, applying a special long-lasting paint to add color when requested.  Your new custom etching will last for generations to come!  Browse our pre-built hand etching designs below:
Please click on the thumbnail to see a larger image.