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Products - Memorials
 Traditional Memorials
Traditional Memorials Throughout time, people have chosen traditional memorials to commemorate the lives of their loved ones. This type of memorial is wider than it is high and is usually set on a base. Allen offers an astonishing selection of traditional memorials with endless classic designs, including double and single memorials.
 Lawn Markers
Lawn Markers Cemetery restrictions or budget often demand low profile, more economical lawn marker memorials. For even the simplest monument, we will work with you to create a personalized design incorporating your choices of thousands of sandblast components or other options to reflect the personality of your loved one.
 Bronze Memorials
Bronze Memorials Allen employees can help you choose from an amazing array of bronze memorial designs. Your memorial can include intricate detail and near photographic images of your loved one. Among other options, you can add one or more in-ground vases to your memorial. Bronzes can be single or double.
 Diamond Hand Etched Memorials
Diamond Hand Etched Memorials Either black and white or color diamond hand etchings can be added to your memorial for a truly unique statement. Allen’s skilled artists will work with you to create breathtaking scenes from your own photos or imagination, or stunning portraits of your loved ones. They can be smaller accent etchings or sweep all the way across the granite.
 Laser Etched Memorials
Laser Etched Memorials For photo-realism and dramatic impact, laser etched memorials can’t be beat. It can be a single memorable photograph of your loved one, or a collage of moments caught in time. Our artists can even create some laser designs from scratch to bring your own personal vision to life.
 Distinctive Memorials
Distinctive Memorials Allen Monument Company can design truly distinctive memorials to set your loved one’s monument apart from all the rest. It can have a unique shape, sculpted images or contours, beautiful rare granites, inlaid portraits, bronze plaques or medallions, memorabilia boxes, ... the options are limitless.
 War & Service Memorials
War and Service Memorials The employees at Allen are especially proud to create spectacular war and service memorials in honor of those who have sacrificed their lives to serve their community or country. We will work with you to make every aspect of your community’s vision a reality – no matter how large or small.
 Cremation Memorials and Mausoleums
Cremation Memorials Allen Monument Company can also provide monuments for those who have chosen an alternative to a standard burial. We have a variety of cremation memorials as well as mausoleum designs ranging from simple elegance to massive family mausoleums.