Memorial Personalization

We provide free full-color digital renderings of your memorial prior to manufacturing so that you can be rest assured that every detail is perfect.

Lettering Only

Standard lettering styles is included with standard sandblast engraving. These styles include U-Sunk, Deep V-Sunk, Skin Sunk, Polished Shadow and Shadow Bar.

Lettering and Flat Carve

Lettering and flat carve includes standard lettering styles and specialized lettering styles at an additional price with styles like Polished Outline, Frosted Outline, Polished Raised, Frosted Edge and Polished Edge. Our flat carve process removes the polish from the design area, as well as cut lines and removes some surrounding stone.

Lettering and Shape Carving

Our Shape Carving is the same, with the addition of removing material to produce the 3-Dimensional image desired.

Color blast

Monuments often have carved lettering which may be painted to increase readability. Lithochrome, or litho, is used to highlight the artwork or lettering.

Laser Etching Gray Scale

Laser Etching is the practice of using lasers to engrave an object, such as granite. By using a laser engraver, there are NO limits to size or shape of lettering or art components. With its pinpoint accuracy, we can create anything you can imagine on our premium jet-black granite.

Diamond Hand Etching

Diamond hand etching is the process of using a hand diamond engraver to engrave an object, such as granite. This process would mostly be used to add color to the artwork after the diamond hand process is complete.

Portraits, Medallions and Inserts

Porcelain photos, Steel photos, Laser tiles, and bronze emblems can be inlaid in any memorial. The inserts come in several styles, colors, and sizes to choose from.

VA Installation

The Department of veterans’ affairs provides options for Veterans. By request these plaques or medallions can be affixed to an existing, privately purchased headstone or marker to signify the deceased status as a veteran.