Because every memorial is unique and pricing varies, we recommend that you contact one of our local retailers for a no-obligation price quote based on your personal taste and budget.

Companion and Family Traditional Memorials

Companion and Family traditional monuments come in a variety of shapes, sizes and colors that allow a family to memorialize two or more people. While choosing a different granite color or size can create a one-of-a-kind memorial you can also add color inserts, laser inserts, medallions, or vases to create an everlasting memorial unique to your family. Different font styles and sizes and the ability to customize the back of the memorial ensures your family’s memorial will be fitting. 

Single Traditional Memorials

Single traditional monuments mark the location of one grave in a cemetery. These monuments are highly personalized and are the most common type to be used with an individual person. Like the companion monuments you can add a variety of additional items to enhance the person you want to memorialize.

Slant Marker Memorials

Slant marker memorials have a slanted face, with a 2” rocked or flattened area on the bottom front of the slant memorial which is called “nosing” These memorials can be personalized to your specifications. Slant monuments are not as large as the upright memorials and are available in single and companion sizes.

Lawn and Bevel Memorials

Lawn and bevel memorials are smaller in size with less room for personalization. Lawn markers sometimes known as flat, or grass markers can be installed flush with the ground or sit on a concrete foundation. Bevel markers sometimes called a pillow memorial has a gentle slope and sits low with a 2” pitch so that the back is slightly higher than the front. Bevel markers will sit on top of a concrete foundation. Both types of markers are limited by size, & cemetery restrictions.

Custom Contour Memorials

Custom contour memorials are unique in size and shape from traditional memorials. As a direct monument manufacturer, Allen has the in-house computers, machinery, and personnel to design a memorial into any shape imaginable. Allen’s memorialists welcome the opportunity to capture the one-of-a-kind contour design for your loved one’s memorial.

Bench Memorials

Bench memorials are exceedingly popular and provide a place to sit while visiting your loved one. Bench monuments come in a variety of styles and sizes to choose from pedestal benches, park benches and harp leg benches. Allen’s can create that special distinction of custom benches.

Heart Memorials

Heart memorials are known for their single or companion heart shaped outline. Custom heart monuments can be stacked hearts, offset hearts or anything you can imagine which makes for an impressive look. Our team can design that perfect heart shape memorial for your family.

Angel Memorials

Angel Memorials are available in single and companion sizes. They are truly explicit in their look which makes them stand out from other traditional upright memorials. Sculpted from hand carved designs make these memorials so beautiful. Our designers can render anything you can imagine.

Cremation Memorials

Cremation memorials have become extremely popular in response to the steady increase in burial cost. Allen has been proud to meet the needs of customers in search of the perfect cremation memorial. Cremation monuments are available in a variety of colors, sizes, and shapes. It is not unusual for customers to have questions about these special memorials, so feel free to contact an Allen representative to discuss many options available to your family.

Private Estates Memorials

Private estate memorials known as above ground entombment offers many benefits over traditional memorials and burial options. Private estate memorials cost more up-front however they include the vault and opening closing can be less expensive. To get more information on this type of memorialization please contact one of our sales representatives today.