I owe a MAJOR thanks and a glowing review to Randy Allen of Allen Monument Company for his incredible generosity and help with remembering A.J. Johnson.

It’s not every day that one encounters a stranger (and a business owner at that) so selfless, kind, and giving that he’s willing to schedule MORE than one meeting after-hours to hear one’s story and to see how he may be able to help.

I am so grateful to have met such a “stranger” in Randy Allen of Allen Monument Company.

His office is impossibly warm and inviting, as is his demeanor in discussing such a difficult subject as the loss of a loved one. I quickly realized that Randy is the type of person who instantly feels not like a stranger, but like a friend. And upon hearing my story, he didn’t bat an eyelash before making an offer I was shocked, humbled, and delighted to receive.

Thanks to Randy, A.J. Johnson’s final resting place is marked with a beautiful stone that suits him perfectly, with the inscription “Loving Father, Brother & Son,” a photo, and a swirling design commemorating his love of music.

Without Randy’s gracious assistance, this gorgeous tribute to A.J.’s life on Earth may not have become a reality.

Randy, I simply cannot thank you enough. You and your business are truly one-of-a-kind 🙂